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Dear Friend:

We cordially invite you to team up with us to give back to the local veteran community that continues to give so much to our nation. This year’s 5K race is our first event of this type with regards to fundraising. Like with everything else these trips cannot take place without assistance. Each year we have had wonderful success in adding to the number of veterans who can visit the District of Columbia and wish to continue this trend.
These trips are funded entirely through private donations, which is why we are asking for your support. To sustain our organization and provide this opportunity free-of-charge to the veterans and their guests, we must raise $25,000 annually. This cost includes all lodging, transportation, and meals for the trip.
Would you be willing to support our troops with a tax-deductible contribution? Any contribution you can make is appreciated. On behalf of our men and women in uniform, we thank you in advance for your support.

What We Do

Warriors to Washington (WtW) is a non-profit started and organized in northwestern Pennsylvania, created to share with our warriors and their guests a chance to visit our nation’s capital. WtW took its inaugural trip to D.C. on September 20-21, 2014 with a group of 12 veterans. Each year, WtW will continue to share this experience with our recent warriors so they too have the same opportunity that veterans of other generations have been able to enjoy. The trip includes visits to Arlington National Cemetery, the Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, and Flight 93 Memorial Park along with many other sites of national significance.

Mission Statement

“To honor the veterans from the Erie region that were deployed and served the nation in the Armed Forces as a result of the attack on 9/11 by taking them to historical and national sites in Washington DC.”
Since September 11, 2001 many of our nation’s sons and daughters have chosen to serve in our Armed Services in the battlefields of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Northern Africa and anywhere across the globe they have been called to fight the Global War on Terror. Many fathers, mothers, husbands and wives have endured year-plus long deployments, often multiple times, in the name of defending our freedom and way of life. In fact, we have had many here in northwestern Pennsylvania respond to the call to serve.
In 2014, the Warriors to Washington organization took a group of War on Terror veterans to Washington, DC. 2014 was our first effort for Warriors to Washington to show our heartfelt thanks to a group of local veterans and by all means exceeded our expectations.
This coming year, on the 13th, 14th and 15th of September 2019, we hope to take yet another group of our heroes and a guest to see the Nation’s Capital. The trip will include stops at the National Archives to see the document that every service person swears to defend; the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, Arlington National Cemetery, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, Flight 93 Memorial Park and many other sites of national significance.

Joe Pfadt
Founder and Board President

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